Elephant Umbrella Stand

Finally summer is here!  And so has the BBQ’s , Cookouts, Backyard bash’s  and Soriee;s outdoors. So as everyone is trying to compete for the best outdoor gear, here’s one that I truly love and is on my wish list.  This is an Elephant Umbrella Stand! How exotic and unique!! Love this! and of course with an Elephant with its trunk up is always great, because in Indian and some Asian cultures it is a symbol of good luck. So for $89.95 its a great good luck charm for your outdoor bash to be a success and gurranteed to be the object of conversation at least if I had it – it def will be.




Now I do know its white and it can go with any palate since its neutral but if your pretty handy with paint you could also color it to match your plate set or general design of your backyard.  I was playing around with Paint and envisioned what I could do or ask someone else to do since my painting skills are pretty bad on my own.


Enjoy its Wednesday!

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