Cough and Cold Remedy

I have two little toddlers and they are so prone to getting sick the moment fall season is here. We know that there is nothing we can do besides going to the doctors getting them checked out and be on meds. This year I hope to get a better handle on it by trying some natural remedies especially since there are so many. So I decided I am going to experiment with one I saw this week by Betsy Babukutty a holistic nurse from NY on her Get Healthy Naturally Facebook page. I’ve seen versions of this but have yet to try it consistently or make a separate jar or it to have often during this season.

Well today I made a jar and its now on my kitchen counter for the 2014 Fall season!

Here’s the original posting  and what I used to make my version.

The Ingredients I used below and its really easy to make and keep around.


Carrington Farms Coconut Oil from Costco

Local Honey from West Chester, PA – I bought this at our local farmer’s market

Kirkland’s Ground Saigon Cinnamon  from Costco

Half a lemon

Penzeys Chinese Powdered Ginger – this one is especially strong but very good. Click here to buy

I filled a quarter of an empty BeechNut glass baby food jar with honey and then added some cinnamon, couple of babyspoon size of coconut oil, half a lemon and a tiny bit of powered ginger. ( I added more after tasting it)

It was clumpy at first since the coconut oil is in lumps but stirred it all together and tasted it to make sure it was not too spicy with the cinnamon & ginger and it tasted great, like a honey cough drop.

So starting today we are going to try and give this little remedy to my family and see what happens! Keep you posted :-)

DISCLAIMER: I am not a doctor, if you have a serious illness please see a physician. Also make sure anyone tasting this remedy has had the ingredients before, to make sure there are no allergies to any of the ingredients itself.

Chicken Tikka Masala

Cindy Abraham:

Happy Diwali everyone! On this rainy day in the Greater Philadelphia area all I want is some Butter Chicken….

Originally posted on The Domestic Man:

Gluten-Free, Paleo, Perfect Health Diet

Although I consider Butter Chicken to be the ultimate Indian chicken curry (I saved that recipe for my cookbook), Chicken Tikka Masala takes a close second. In fact, there is little difference in the dishes – both are usually made by adding roasted chicken pieces to a tomato-based curry sauce. Butter Chicken has more, well, butter.

The origin of Chicken Tikka Masala is disputed. It’s commonly believed that it was first whipped up in Indian restaurants in the UK (Glasgow in particular is often cited), but many argue that it was first influenced by dishes from the Punjab region of India and Pakistan well before it appeared in UK restaurants.

Putting the curry together is actually pretty simple – start to finish in under an hour. It gets a little complicated when the chicken comes into play, since it should be marinated for at least 6 hours beforehand (overnight…

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Coconut Oil – Seriously amazing!


I’m South Indian by heritage and it’s very common to drench you hair with it to make sure it’s black and shiny. As a kid, I thought it was gross and I would not allow my mom to touch my hair with it. But what I didn’t know was why our culture used coconut oil in everything from their skin to making food. It has soo many uses for it, it makes your skin smooth, food taste better and also give it a great flavor too. And I really didn’t know much until I had my first kid, when my mom gave my son daily massages with coconut oil she made from scratch. His skin was beautiful with it and smelled soo good, and it helped his mild eczema a lot especially during the winter months. That’s when I was convinced of how great it is and fell in love with it all over again.

Above in the pic is the version I use on almost daily on my kids skin or in my coffee in the morning. Available at any Costco  see link below*&Browse=1&lang=en-US

There’s many uses for coconut oil and here are some ways I use it often

– Teaspoon in hot coffee every couple of days

– On bare skin especially before bed, use a small amounts at first to make sure you have no issues and also make sure it’s on bare skin

–  Add a teaspoon of it to vegetable oil for frying chicken breast on the pan cause it makes it juicy and gives it a lot of flavor

– Fry anything with it, it tastes great

– Helps the skin heal especially if you have mild eczema

– Natural conditioner for your hair especially if its really dry especially after you have used a lot of product in it

– Any recipes that uses coconut milk in it, it helps the flavor to be more refined and taste better

I’m sure there are many more ways to use it and I’m still discovering them..



America’s Thai food takeover

Cindy Abraham:

Love Thai food, and looking at this list I need to go to one soon locally.

Originally posted on Eatocracy:

(Travel + Leisure) – If you’ve eaten at a neighborhood Thai restaurant, you’re likely familiar with pick-your-protein Technicolor curries. Odds are you’ve tried papaya salad, spring rolls, and pad thai improbably made with ketchup and maybe even peanut butter.

While many ethnic cuisines are domesticated to Western palates, Thai food may be the most bastardized in America. “We have the same basic Thai dishes over and over again, many of which have nothing to do with Thailand,” says Andy Ricker, the James Beard Award–winning chef behind the bicoastal restaurant empire Pok Pok, known for authentic dishes like charcoal-roasted hen with lemongrass and tamarind.

But for as many sugarcoated Thai restaurants operating in the U.S., there’s an appreciable number of spots doing it right—especially in immigrant-heavy cities like Houston, where Asia Market encourages diners to personally adjust their dishes with condiments like pickled peppers, fish sauce, and chili sauce (nam prik)…

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Foods To NEVER Eat On A First Date

Cindy Abraham:

Great post! I would add something one more about ordering something wayy too spicy that it burns your tongue and lips:). #whoohas not cute

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I’m the last person to give dating advice.

But, when it comes to food I know a thing of two.

And since Valentine’s Day is this week, figure I’d throw some wisdom at ya.

According to the Huffington Post, you should never order this on a first date:

1.) The most expensive thing on the menu.

If you’re not paying, it looks cheap. And if you are paying, you’re not impressing anyone.

2.) Garlic Bread. Do I even have to explain why?

3.) Ribs. You don’t wanna look like you belong on ‘Game of Thrones’!

4.) Noodle Soup. Slurping = not sexy

5.) Baked beans. They’re good for your heart, but the more you eat, the more…well, you know.

You’re welcome.

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